Why Many Are Interested in Home Investment

Why Many Are Interested in Home Investment

Investment in sharia homes – As long as this is called property, there are certainly many who are interested in it. Not only is it used as an investment but it has also become a major human need so far, even for most of them owning a house is a dream that is very difficult to realize. Indeed, there have been many solutions that can be pursued, one of which is KPR, but sometimes the terms and conditions are so burdensome, not to mention fines and penalties that can be accepted if it is late to pay installments.

Sharia Property As A Solution …
Over time, the Islamic system arose, which later became the forerunner of the emergence of Islamic investment property. Having a home into something fun isn’t even too burdensome even though we don’t have a lot of big money at once. Sharia has always been present as a solution to overcome various problems that occur in the community. Conventional mortgages are considered a problem because it causes injustice, therefore the emergence of Islamic property, namely the concept of property ownership in accordance with Islamic sharia teachings, becomes an important part of the role.

Rich As You Can Earn Rewards
In addition to being able to get property, with sharia home investment it can also be a charity field for us to get a reward. How can? It could be, there are a number of reasons that we might get reward. Starting from the rules used which are not usury, clearly usury is forbidden by religion and we must avoid it. By avoiding it, it can be a good reward to get it. The more pro-shari’ah we have, the greater the reward we can get, especially if the house we buy is rented to help people especially those related to the religious struggle.

Relaxing Investment without Fear Chased by Debt Collector ..
So far, many have chosen to use conventional non-sharia housing loans, but many of them are frightened for fear of late payment. If late pay, usually they will be chased by debt collectors, property or houses confiscated and not returned. How heartbreaking and tragic isn’t it? Well that will not happen in Islamic home investment because there is no fine or coercion if you pay late. The main thing is to fulfill what has been agreed on in the contract, so be sure to consider the contract so as not to complicate you later.

Low Risk …
Well then the risk that is owned will also be very low compared to still adhering to investments in conventional homes. Some examples have been mentioned above, there are no seizures or fines so that you will feel safe for anyone who invests there. Then in terms of future potential it will also be very good because indeed the name property will always increase in value. Moreover, this is a sharia investment which certainly will be a lot of people who want to have it, in other words if we want to sell it. We can easily do it.

Well, besides several other reasons, there are indeed various complete benefits that can be obtained by investing in this sharia house. Whatever it is, the most important thing is that we can benefit from the worldly aspect but also make sure that we can get a reward which is an advantage for the sake of the hereafter too. We will get this from the concepts and principles of sharia-based investment.

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